Customer Testimonials

“One of our more difficult residents (a fussy eater) who is on a texture modified diet stood up at the residents meeting and thanked the kitchen for the new puree food. She said she had been surviving on custard for a while, and so is very grateful. She loves the braised cabbage in particular. – Chef, Cantabria Lifecare

“I just love how they have approached their business. You can really tell it comes from a place of authenticity and connecting with the idea. Particularly when you hear Sam’s story and how the idea came about. Adds an emotional connection to the product and brand. The fact that the reps are qualified dietitians is also fantastic – reinforces that credibility.” – Nurse manager

“Chicken Veloute smells good, really tempting, getting lots of positive comments from residents and staff” – Ryman Jean Sandel

“All my kitchen staff from the dishwasher to weekend cooks will go through the Pure Food training and presentation. Even the RNs are doing it. They are the one’s that are dealing with the families and it’s good for them to be able to talk about it with knowledge and confidence.” Aged care chef

“Our residents are living longer and happier and healthier, they are very happy with your product ” – Nathan from Ultimate Care Aroha

“We consider Pure Food to be one of our specialised partners now and have build a great relationship with the team and reps. We started just with some residents and now serve Pure Food to everyone” – Hospitality Manager

“Just letting you know this online training has been awesome. Staff have enjoyed it….and I have a few that are addicted to the instant certificates. Looking forward to seeing what is created in the future” – Nicki Johnson from Heritage Raeburn Lifecare

“Rachel been on Pure Foods since two and a half years and has had significant improvement in her weight ever since. She had trouble with swallowing and chewing due to her condition, but with Pure Foods guaranteed safe texture which is IDDSI compliant, Rachel no longer needs to worry about any choking hazards that are common with dysphagia” – Leanne Penny, mother of Rachel Penny

“Love this stuff, they completely clear their plates, it works so well. This stuff is amazing and there is no wastage.” – Lisa Downes from Olive Tree Arvida

“Hi Sam and the Team at Pure Food. I would like to inform you that I am leaving The Orchards on Thursday 20th June to do some travel and also casual work for Metlifecare. I thank you for your support inspiration in ensuring that our elderly have tasty, nutritious meals that look appetising, Pure foods have made such an impact on our resident with challenging medical conditions and we have kept nearly zero weight loss except for expected weight loss i.e palliative. There has been no complaints of food with residents on Pure Foods and we have been able to also use Pure foods with residents who have been medically unwell, dental issues etc. You and your team have hearts of gold, Benni is still with us and going towards 101 bless. All the very best in all that you do, I am forever telling people of your wonderful product. ” – Barbara Long

“It is great for our patients and our cooks. It takes the guesswork out of our texture modified foods which is very much a good thing.” – Burwood hospital

“We have seen very positive results in our clinical indicators with a reduction in falls, fewer infections, wounds healing faster and fewer pressure injuries. I am now a big advocate for Pure Food” – Clinical Manager

“We have decided to move from occasional desserts to full time texture modified meals with The Pure Food Co and we are especially excited about the IDDSI compliance, fibre added for moulding and protein fortification.” – Kitchen staff from Arvida

“As always, I love what you guys are producing! I am very happy with the feedback from your product! Keep up the good work ” – Marko (Head chef) at Ryman Charles Upham

“I’ve watched all the Pure Food training videos and done all the quizzes. There is a few more basic ones. They are really quick, which is great because it can be hard to get people off the floor. They are great for the kitchen and care staff in aged care who do not have super good knowledge on malnutrition.” – Nutritionist

“Michael has gone from eating hardly anything at all to eating a whole 100g tub per meal (eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and then desserts). We are expecting to see reductions in the weight loss he had been having which is great!” – Rosalina from Spectrum Care

“Pure Food…It’s convenient, easy to work with, hassle free. If I wasn’t there – a kitchen hand could do it. You just heat it up and plate it up. No stress and peace of mind. The last thing you want is anyone to choke. Big investigations, lots of paperwork!” – Kitchen manager

“Pure Food delivers quality, service, results and are innovative and purely brilliant. I believe that The Pure Food Co has pioneered an era of innovative food technology in the Australasia region and are truly the market leaders in New Zealand” – Sam (Head Chef) at Arvida Aria Park

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