Christmas Meal Ideas

Eating is one of life’s joys. And, it wouldn't be Christmas without a full belly at the end of a family-filled day.

To make sure everyone can enjoy delicious Christmas Meals this year, we've put together some festive meal ideas - 100% nutritious, 100% delicious.

Meal Idea 1: Roast Christmas Turkey with Roast Vegetables and Minted Peas

Take our delicious tender Roast Turkey, made with lemon, thyme and cranberry, and team it with Roast Vegetables and Minted Peas for a delicious Christmas meal!

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Meal Idea 2: Salted Caramel Smoothie

Use Pure Foods Chocolate Brownie and Butterscotch Cake as a fortified smoothie base for our Salted Caramel Smoothie. Smoothies work great as a festive day snack in between meals or as a delicious dessert - delish!

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Meal Idea 3: Creamy Broccoli & Blue Cheese soup starter

Use our Creamy Broccoli as a fortified soup base, and serve up our Creamy Broccoli & Blue Cheese Soup as a nutritious Christmas starter!

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Meal Idea 4: Roast Pumpkin with Roast Lamb and Creamy Broccoli

Who doesn't love the soft and sweet taste of roasted Pumpkin? Combine it with some roast lamb and creamy broccoli and you have a superb and festive Christmas Meal. 

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Christmas is a time for treats. We all like to indulge in something extra special during the holidays. Our range of rich and tasty desserts are a must-have for any lover of sweets this Christmas. 

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