FoodCare InterRAI Reports

For many aged care facilities, continuously improving the quality of care for residents is a top priority. Therefore, these organisations are always looking to gain new insights, to understand the effectiveness of what they are doing and to compare their performance against industry averages. To support care facilities in their continuous improvement efforts, we have partnered with InterRAI to prepare FoodCare InterRAI reports involving current and new Pure Food aged care customers.

Below are further details about the FoodCare InterRAI reports, how your aged care site can participate and the awesome benefits you will receive by getting involved.

What’s in it for me?

Think of InterRAI as a valuable asset rather than a compliance liability

The data required for the FoodCare InterRAI reports is already inputted into InterRAI twice a year by one of your team members. So there is no extra work required by your team - leave that to us!

We will save you valuable time by providing 6-monthly  analytical reporting on your data

The main goals of the FoodCare InterRAI report is to, firstly,  measure the health outcomes of your residents who are consuming our fortified foods, and, secondly, to provide you with 6 monthly analytical reports showing your performance in key clinical indicators, then providing  nutritional strategies based on your data to help continually improve the health outcomes of your residents.

Complementary specialist input

Our dietitians support you every step of the way.  We understand that common challenges faced in aged care are multifaceted, however, for a wide number of clinical outcomes the nutrition aspect is highly preventable. We want to help you tackle the nutrition aspect head-on by providing you with the right support and the right tools.

Reports for audits

The reports we provide a very useful for quality audits and for the “Study” documentation aspect of the PlanStudyActDo framework.


Ever wondered how you were really doing compared to the rest of NZ? Well now you can. Our reporting benchmarks residents consuming Pure Foods in your facility against the average health outcomes of ALL aged care facilities (Pure Food partner sites included). It’s a great way to see how effective it is using Pure Foods as a nutritional intervention to improve residents health outcomes - plus it’s a great way to keep stakeholders happy!

And it’s all free to you

Participation in this research project, and the resulting analysis and reporting will be FREE to your organisation. However, it is necessary that your team follows the Pure Foods programme developed for your site to ensure residents receive maximum benefits from consuming our food and to allow tailored intervening support on top of your current nutritional provision.

I want to get involved, so what’s next?

Are you an existing Pure Food Customer?

Then getting involved is easy. Since the data needed has already been collected through InterRAI, simply get in touch with us to give us permission to access your data and we can have your customised report ready for you in a few weeks.

Not a Pure Food Customer Yet?

Get in touch with us to learn more about Pure Foods and how our fortified foods can benefit your residents. If you decide to sign up, we will start collecting your data and you will receive your first report after 6 months. Contact us to learn more.

Download a Sample Report

If you would like to get a better idea of what our InterRai reports look like, fill in the form below to download a free sample report. 

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