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6 April 2017 - The Pure Food Co. is pleased to announce  Kaye Dennison is working with us as an independent clinical adviser on malnutrition. Kaye is a well known and respected dietitian with thirty years experience in professional dietetics - she has previously collaborated with the Pure Food Co. on independent case studies of residents in aged care groups.

Says Kaye Dennison - “I am pleased to be associated with The Pure Food Co. working on consumer focused  solutions for malnutrition and eating difficulties. The company is taking a genuine approach to delivering high quality, evidence based, food solutions and I see this as a great way of addressing nutrition related  problems across the healthcare and aged care sector.”

The Pure Food Co. is a producer of specialized foodcare products to address malnutrition. The company was originally started to overcome a problem providing adequate nutrition to people with eating difficulties - today they supply customers in most major  hospitals, major aged care groups and independents, as well as online and retail consumers.

“The input and experience of Kaye allows us to deliver ongoing value to our customers through nutritious food, but also measure and report on the lasting benefits for our aged care clients” says Sam Bridgewater, one of Pure Food’s founders. “She has played an influential role in our understanding of diet and malnutrition. We are now excited to work together on upcoming projects - combining our food development with Kaye’s clinical knowledge and experience to address the challenges of malnutrition”

From April 2017, Kaye will be the independent clinical dietitian adviser for the Pure Food Co. providing professional input on their product development, research plans and clinical advocacy.

Kaye Dennison (NZ Registered Dietitian)

Kaye Dennison is a registered dietitian and registered nutritionist with over 30 years’ experience of working in dietetics both in New Zealand and internationally.

Kaye has worked as a clinical dietitian for over 20 years and through her experience as a Community Dietitian she has developed a special interest in the identification and early treatment of people with malnutrition.  

Her interest in gerontology nutrition led Kaye to conduct research on intensive nutrition support for community dwelling older people and to supervise a wide range of student research projects around nutrition issues related to seniors.  .

She has considerable experience in working as an advocate for older people’s nutrition issues, at a national level in her role as founder and previous Chair of the NZ Nutrition Foundations, Committee for Healthy Ageing.

Kaye has presented at a large number of national forums to a wide range of   professional and consumer groups, on the risk of malnutrition in New Zealand’s older population. In recent years she has been working in advisory roles with corporates developing food to support rehabilitation.

Her leadership skills have been recognised at a national level in receiving the Award of Excellence from the NZ Dietetic Association in 2012 and in 2014 winning the inaugural Janice Mueller award for Leadership in Allied Health in New Zealand.

In 2014 Kaye established her own business, Optimize Health Solutions Ltd and works in a number of portfolio areas including teaching and research in gerontology nutrition, health care project management and coaching and mentoring for health professionals.

Kaye is a member of Dietitians NZ and the DNZ Special Interest Group for Nutrition and Gerontology, The NZ Nutrition Society   and the NZ Gerontology Association.

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