What is IDDSI?

IDDSI stands for the International Diet Dysphagia Standardisation Initiative.  The IDDSI Global Framework (www.iddsi.org) provides a common terminology to describe food textures and drink thickness. This is important so that we are all using the same words to describe the different levels of texture someone with swallowing difficulties might need in order to be safe when eating.  

A clinical expert such as a Speech Language Therapist may recommend a certain level of food texture based on a person’s ability to move food around their mouth and swallow safely.  This recommendation is given following a comprehensive clinical assessment.

Understanding Dysphagia & how to test food textures

The below video featuring our consultant Speech Language Therapist Renee Taylor explains the importance of the correct IDDSI texture for those with swallowing difficulties, or dysphagia.  This video also shows how to test food to ensure the correct texture.

How does IDDSI work?

As seen in the above video, the IDDSI framework consists of a continuum of 8 levels (0-7), where drinks are measured from Levels 0 – 4 and foods are measured from Levels 3 – 7.

There are specific tests that are done by those preparing and serving foods to ensure that a particular meal item has exactly the right textural characteristics to ensure safety and minimise the risk of a person choking.

We guarantee that our Pure Foods Puree level 4 and Minced & Moist level 5 products have been approved by a Speech Language Therapist and meet all testing requirements for these levels.

For more information please visit the IDDSI information site

Want to learn more about IDDSI?

We have a specific Pure Food Training Module on Dysphagia and IDDSI that can help those caring for people with swallowing difficulties understand more about the risks and how to minimise these when serving food.