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Welcome to The Pure Food Learning Centre. Here you will find interesting blog posts from our in-house dietitians, case studies, guides and reports, as well as a series of online training modules designed to help you learn more about the nutrition challenges you or those you care for may face, and how you can provide them with the best possible care.

The training modules begin with a few introductory courses, followed by more advanced topic-specific modules. Our latest module is always at the top of this page and is updated quarterly. We hope you enjoy our learning centre.

*NEW* Dining Experience Module

In this training you will learn how to create a great dining experience for your residents. You will greatly benefit from useful tips and ideas we share within this module to help your residents maximize food enjoyment and positively enhance dining experience.

This module is developed in collaboration with Jo Cleary (CEO of Dining Experience Specialist). She is widely recognized as a thought leader and expert when it comes to dining experience within the aged care sector. 

What people are saying about our Training Courses

Very informative all care staff should have this as part of their education. I am enjoying this easy to follow for a person who doesn’t use computers very much.” – Alison H

“Good information and well presented”- Eden D

“Very informative and easy to understand. Awesome plating presentation. VERY GOOD AAAAAA+++” – Shirley F

“I learned a lot. Easy to understand. Very well presented. Thanks.” – Mary R
This is a good way for me to understand more about how to serve the resident’s meals.”” – Losa S
“This was so lovely to know about and I have learnt new things like Dysphagia. Thanks for the lesson and information”- Qualisani M

Introductory Training

These short and sharp introductory courses will teach you about the basics of nutrition, malnutrition, eating difficulties and more.

Introduction to Pure Foods

In this Pure Food Leaning Centre Introductory Training, you will learn about what makes our The Pure Food Co food special, how to mould our food and how to order, store and prepare it to ensure your residents get the best possible meal experience.

Introduction to Dysphagia

In this Pure Food Learning Centre Introductory Training, you will learn about Dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties that your residents may face, how you can help residents with this condition to have a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Introduction to Dementia

In this Pure Food Learning Centre Introductory Training you will learn about the risk factors, symptoms, role of nutrition and the importance of maintaining the quality of life and enhancing the dining experience for those living with Dementia.

Dining Experience

In this Pure Food Learning Centre Introductory Training, you will learn about what a great dining experience entails, factors impacting food intake and overall mealtime experience and finally get useful tips & ideas to create a positive dining experience that your residents will enjoy and benefit from.

Run Offline Training Sessions with your Team

We know some carers would prefer to run offline training session with their teams. Therefore, we are making a special packaged version of our introductory courses available for offline use.

To get access to this offline version of the training, please contact our customer service team on 0800 178 733 or info@thepurefoodco.com

What is IDDSI?

IDDSI stands for the International Diet Dysphagia Standardisation Initiative.  The IDDSI Global Framework provides a common terminology to describe food textures and drink thickness. This is important so that we are all using the same words to describe the different levels of texture someone with swallowing difficulties might need in order to be safe when eating.  

A clinical expert such as a Speech Language Therapist may recommend a certain level of food texture based on a person’s ability to move food around their mouth and swallow safely.  This recommendation is given following a comprehensive clinical assessment.

It is important that those working in Aged Care or caring for others with eating or swallowing difficulties understand the IDDSI framework and how to test the textures.  Below is a short video on Dysphagia and IDDSI featuring our consultant Speech Language Therapist.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Pure Food Training Modules provide more of a dive deep into a specific topic. They will give you an in-depth understanding of topics such as hydration, immunity and more.

Immunity & Nutrition Training

In this FoodCare Introductory Training, you will learn about the nutrition challenges many of your residents face, risks associated with malnutrition and how you can provide the best care for your residents.

Hydration Training

In this Training module, you will learn everything you need to know about hydration including why it is so important, especially for older people, how you can make sure the people in your care stay hydrated and healthy, how to identify signs of dehydration and what to do about it and much more.

Advanced Nutrition Care Training

In this training, you will learn about screening and care plan development, food and fluid fortification, problems with eating and swallowing and mealtime assistance. All of this will help you provide better care for the people you look after.

Plate Presentation in Aged Care

In this training you will learn about presenting food in ways that result in a better dining experience for your residents and, ultimately, helps them eat more.

Advanced Training on Sarcopenia

In this training you will learn about Sarcopenia – the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength usually as a result of ageing. You will learn to recognise the symptoms and their impact on elderly adults. On completion of this training you will also know how to screen for Sarcopenia and understand treatment options for elderly adults.

Guides and Resources

Our in-house specialists and external consultants take time to review the latest science, research and best-practices to bring you any insights and tools in an easy to access format.  Here are some of the FREE guides, reports and resources we have available for those working in the Aged Care industry.

Immunity Quick Guide

Learn the basics about immunity, which minerals and vitamins have the most positive impact and which ingredients should be a staple in your menu to boost your diners’ immune systems.

IDDSI Framework

The IDDSI framework standardises terminology, definitions and testing methods for texture modified foods and liquids. Download the framework here.

Plate Presentation

Download our Plate Presentation poster as a helpful visual reference for kitchen staff when creating looking meals to help diners take in the nutrition they need.

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