Affordable Care Packages for Elderly

Affordable Care Packages for Elderly

20 March, 2020

The Pure Food Co slashes prices by 65% to offer affordable care packages for New Zealand’s elderly in communities

Kiwi company The Pure Food Co has today released care packages at a fraction of their retail price amidst fears for our elderly and COVID-19. At just $10 including delivery, the company is aiming to reach as many older people in communities with nutritious meals as possible. With elderly people the most vulnerable demographic for COVID-19, The Pure Food Co co-founder Sam Bridgewater says it is crucial we all do our part to keep our older people safe and healthy.

“At The Pure Food Co we focus on care for the elderly providing a range of pureed, fortified foods, and now more than ever we need to be ensuring the elderly in New Zealand are receiving adequate nutrition to support immunity,” he says.

“Almost a quarter of our elderly people are malnourished, which is a terrifying statistic as the number of cases of COVID-19 here in New Zealand continues to rise. Along with risk of infection, reduced immune function is a direct result of malnutrition.”

Bridgewater says nutrition and hydration have a huge part to play in maintaining and improving immune function in our elderly. Alongside taking extra precautions to improve sanitation and isolate our older people, nutrition is crucial for protecting against COVID-19.

“Protein and energy are key to the health of those over 70 years old. Without protein we can’t repair and support immune cells and enzymes, and the weight loss associated with not having enough energy compromises the immune system,” he says.

“We know that in this time of unknown money may be tight, and we want to do our bit to take care of our vulnerable elderly at this time. Today we have released care packages for Kiwis aged 70+ with a more than 60% discount in price. Each package contains 7 fortified products to form the base of a meal – all delivered to your door.

“Our hope is to keep our elderly as well-nourished as we can to improve immune function against COVID-19. The idea to develop these care packages came to me when I was putting together a package for my own grandparents, who are currently in self-isolation, and it is frightening for them. Education, access and affordability are all necessary to keep our older people healthy, and if we can help even a handful of elderly Kiwis to improve their immune function, we’ve taken a great first step.”

The Pure Food Co was born in 2013 as a company that creates delicious, 100% natural soft food, fortified with extra plant-based nutrition to improve the health and nutrition of elderly people in New Zealand and Australia.

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