Delicious and Nourishing Food for People with Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip and palate is a congenital condition which results in a gap in the lip, palate or both. This gap or ‘cleft’ can create difficulty with feeding, speech and breathing, and is repaired surgically typically before the child has their first birthday.

Some patients born with a cleft palate will require orthognathic surgery as an adult once they have stopped growing to correct the alignment of the jaws. Following orthognathic surgery, patients are placed on a modified diet. Foods which require biting and chewing must be avoided for a period of time to allow the jaw to heal in its new position. A texture modified diet can also reduce the risk of infection because of improved hygiene, although hot salt-water bathing of the wounded area remains essential after any food intake to prevent infection.

The Pure Food Co, supplies texture modified foods that look and taste great. The meals are soft pureed, that can be altered to suit your individual preferences and needs, while also supplying a satisfying, nutritious and nourishing meal in a variety of flavours. 

It is advisable that you seek information from your cleft team about you or your clients dietary needs to make sure our products suit these needs.

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