Delicious and Nourishing Food for People with Alzheimers or Dementia

According to the Alzheimers New Zealand education resources, encouraging those with dementia to eat can be as simple as having flexibility in the choice of food they can eat. This allows them to decide for themselves if they wish and allows the carer to keep in mind what foods the individual enjoys. Older adults affected by dementia are often at greater risk of poor nutrition. Dementia frequently affects a person’s food intake, and can interfere with a person’s ability to prepare, eat and enjoy meals. In later stages, it can limit the types of food a person can eat.

The Pure Food Co offers a range of delicious, ready to eat meals of a smooth puree consistency, designed to help those with difficulty eating. The range of foods are nutritionally-enhanced to ensure meals contain additional important nutrients, such as protein and energy. 

For more tips or information visit the Alzheimers New Zealand website (link below):

Our thanks to Alzheimers Auckland for their input into preparing this information.