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The FoodCare Hub is an initiative launched by The Pure Food Co in 2019. The goal of the FoodCare Hub is to review the latest science, research and best-practices and digest the insights into a format that is easy to access for a wide audience of aged care professionals.

The Pure Food Co engages different topic experts who take ownership of reviewing and summarising the latest research and insights for their respective topic. Together, we then produce content such as guides, reports, online training, videos and more and make them available for free on this website.

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Plate Presentation Poster

Help your residents enjoy their food more

Download our Plate Presentation poster and put it up in your kitchen for a visual reminder of how to create better looking plates that help your diners take in the nutrition they need to thrive.

Immunity Quick Start Guide

Find out which vitamins and minerals boost the immune system.

Learn the basics about immunity, which minerals and vitamins have the most positive impact and white ingredients should be a staple in your menu to boost your diners’ immune systems.

Free Online Training

Learn about the nutrition and health challenges your residents face.

A series of online training modules, designed to help you learn more about the nutrition challenges your residents may face and how you can provide them with the best possible care.

Continuous Improvement Guide

Using Evidence-Based Research to Improve the Quality of Care for your Residents.

To help aged-care facilities successfully implement Continuous Improvement projects, we have teamed up with industry and project management experts to develop this highly practical Continuous Improvement Guide, packed with insights and practical templates.

InterRai Reporting

Get the data and insights you need to improve.

We have partnered with InterRAI to prepare FoodCare InterRAI reports. These reports include customised nutrition tips and strategies from our experts, giving you the data and insights to know where you can improve and ideas and strategies on how to do so.

Videos: Immunity Boosting Soups

Our Chef shows you how to cook his latest immunity boosting creations.

Our Pure Food chef has developed quick and simple immunity boosting soup recipes - and he shows you how to make them in short videos.

Ask our Dietitian

Expert Dietitian, Kaye Dennison (NZRD) answers your questions.

In our Ask a Dietitian series, Kaye Dennison provides answers and expert insights into some of the most commonly asked questions around nutrition for the elderly. She covers topics such as energy, hydration, weight loss, dysphagia and more.

Hydration Guide

Learn why hydration is so important for older people.

Expert Dietitian, Kaye Dennison (NZRD) explains why hydration is such an important issue for older people and shares her tips on how to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Video: IDDSI Framework

Learn about dysphagia and the IDDSI framework in this educational video.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework standardises terminology, definitions and testing methods for texture modified foods and thickened fluids for people with dysphagia.

Protein & Energy

How These 2 Key Nutrients Keep Your Residents Active & Independent

Learn about the importance of protein and energy and how they give your residents the energy and strengths they need to keep active and healthy.

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