Delicious and nourishing food for those who have suffered a Stroke

According to the Stroke Foundation, a stroke (or cerebrovascular accident - CVA for short) is the loss of brain function caused by disturbance of the blood flow to the brain. After a stroke, it is common to experience difficulty eating. These difficulties can be for a number reasons such as: difficulties chewing and swallowing, not producing enough saliva to swallow food, a loss of appetite, losing sensitivity in one side or both sides of the mouth as well as other conditions that make it hard to consume food without choking or inhaling food/liquids.

Some stroke survivors may need to eat soft food, to reduce this risk of choking or taking food into the larynx and/or lungs. Difficulties with eating may also result in poor nutrition as ‘difficult’ foods are avoided.

The Pure Food Co provides soft food meals such as Beef Bolognese, Lamb Casserole and many more that provide a wide variety of tastes and nutrition to those with eating difficulties.

It is advised that stroke survivors work closely with their dietician, speech-language therapist and occupational therapist in establishing a suitable diet that meets their nutritional needs.

For more information and tips, visit the Stroke Foundation at:

Thank you to the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand for their input towards this information.