Food for Healthcare

If what they eat is your choice, here’s a great one – a delicious range of fortified foods to boost your resident's nutrition and improve the overall eating experience. A great addition to the plate for healthcare organisations that want to make sure residents get the nutrition they need and combat diet exhaustion – even on the trickiest diets.

Food that helps your residents thrive...

Delicious Food

Delicious Food

Our Pure Foods are made from fresh, local ingredients and are full of delicious flavours that your residents will love. And the vibrant colours mean our food is also appealing to the eye.

Extra Nutrition

Extra Energy, Protein & Fibre

Our Pure Foods are fortified which means we are adding extra energy, protein and fibre to help elderly people get the nutrition they need – even if they only eat small portion sizes.

Safe Texture

Safe Texture

Our Pure Foods are pureed using novel technology that ensures our food is the exact right texture every time. IDDSI compliant and SLT approved, our foods are safe for people with Dysphagia and other eating difficulties.

...and your organisation succeed.

Clinical Outcomes

Achieve Clinical Outcomes

Treat and prevent malnutrition and help residents gain weight when needed. Make sure your residents get the nutrients and energy they need to thrive.

Reduced Cost of Care

Reduce Cost of Care

With malnutrition costing approximately $10 per day per resident, any improvements in your resident's nutrition status will positively impact your bottom line.

Happier Diners

Happier Staff & Diners

Make it easier and faster for your kitchen staff to serve delicious, vibrant food for everyone – resulting in happy and healthy residents and staff.

Our range of highly nutritious, easy to eat foods

Pure Food Purees


Our fortified purees are all made from fresh, highly nutritious, natural ingredients. We use local produce whenever possible and only the best and safest processing tools and techniques to turn the fresh ingredients into highly nutritious purees.

Pure Food Soups


Soups using Pure Foods as a base are a great way to provide extra energy, protein and fibre as well as extra hydration. Soups are easy to make and can come in a variety of flavours to suit different tastes.

Pure Food Smoothies


Smoothies using Pure Foods as a base are a great way to provide extra energy, protein and fibre as well as extra hydration. Smoothies also make refreshing snacks and drinks in the warmer summer month.

Pure Food Sauces


Our sauces only use the best ingredients and are fortified with extra energy, protein and fibre. As a result, they are a great option to not only add flavour to your meals but also much-needed nutrients.

We are proud to call many leading care facilities and catering companies our customers

Our Customers
Our Customers

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