Pure Food Soup Day at Ellerslie Gardens

For us here at Pure Food, there is not much we enjoy more than meeting our customers and consumers.

That’s why we were thrilled when the team at Ellerslie Gardens Lifecare in Auckland invited us to run a Pure Food soup tasting event for their residents.

Soups are a regular staple in the menu at Ellerslie Gardens, especially now in the colder months. Serving food that is nutritious and tastes great is a big focus for the team. They want to provide all their residents the best quality of care - everyday. Food is a big part of that. We were excited to come along and give the residents and staff a chance to taste some of our nutritious soups.

So on Tuesday, 25 June, we got busy preparing three different soups, all using our Pure Food purees as the base. We packed up our little Pure Food cart and half our team, and headed over to Ellerslie Gardens.


A Warm Welcome

We were welcomed by the extremely supportive staff and many excited residents who were curious to know what we’re carting into their dining area. Some initial suspicious was quickly overcome once we started handing out soups, and many of the residents loved having a little chat with us while tasting the different flavours.

The Soups

We wanted to show the residents and staff the variety of our soups, so we came prepared with three options - one all-time favourite and two of our new creations.

Our Green Pea soup is super simple to make and a long-time favourite of many of our consumers. Our new Orange & Carrot and Cauliflower & Almond Soups are full of immunity-boosting ingredients as well as delicious flavours, making them ideal winter soups.

Green Pea Soup

Orange & Carrot Soup

Cauliflower & Almond Soup

Fantastic Feedback

While all three soups were very well received, it was the Carrot & Orange one that most residents liked best. John, for example, enjoyed it so much he came back for a second serving (and there might have even been a third), saying;


“I love this soup. It’s wholesome and full of flavours. I really enjoy it!”

Singh, who is 85, also liked the Carrot & Orange soup best, as he shared with Sam and Jess from our team. For other residents, the Green Pea soup was the one that stood out, and the Cauliflower & Almond one also received many compliments. Overall, the residents seemed to love taking part in our soup tasting, and many enjoyed sharing their feedback and ideas with our team.

Ellerslie Gardens, as well as a selected number of other Heritage facilities across New Zealand, will start incorporating Pure Foods into their menus over the coming weeks. They will be serving our fortified purees to residents with eating and swallowing difficulties, and some sites will also start using our purees as a base for soups to serve highly nutritious, delicious soups.

We’re looking forward to becoming part of the Heritage family and do our part in helping them create a better everyday for their residents.

Soup Day at Ellerslie Gardens