'I’ve never seen her this excited about her food' Megan, Caregiver, Auckland


‘Before the Dietitian put me onto Pure Foods I was losing weight steadily, down from 56 to 45kg. Since I've been eating Pure Foods, I have put on weight and swallowing has become easier.

They are delicious, absolutely life saving as far as I'm concerned, I don't know what I would do without them.

They’re so easy to get and so easy to prepare, I wish more people knew about them and wish I knew about them earlier.

The guys are so helpful and nice, its just like having a family all over again.’ Avro, Auckland


'I want to tell you how marvellous the packets of food are. Jack is 91yrs old and for the past few months he has not been able to chew his food and would spit it out. He was becoming anaemic. This past week he has eaten every bit of food on his plate.  I am so glad I found your website. We are about to make another order.' Di, Oamaru


'My mum has soft meals because her teeth don’t allow for any chewing. We were impressed with how good the purees tasted, there is a lovely balance of sweet and salty, and the flavours were very real and pure' Gill, Daughter, Taupo


'What a great experience it was to have the boys from The Pure Food Co come and join us at Opening Doors. As far as the patients were concerned they so enjoyed the experience. It was fun tasting the different foods and working together in groups. The interaction between patients was delightful to see. The patients were most taken with the boys as they were very professional and had a very pleasant manner.' Viv, Programme Co-ordinator, Mercy Hospice, Auckland


'I’ve had difficulties with solid food recently and have been relying on soups, juices and mashed potatoes. It had almost gotten to the point where I was put off eating as there was no satisfaction associated with the largely liquid diet. I was introduced to Pure Foods two weeks ago and was delighted with the range and flavours available. For the first time since my accident, eating was actually enjoyable, and because of the options and texture of the food it is as close to ‘conventional food’ as you can get whilst still not requiring chewing' Warren, 'Weekend Warrior', Auckland


'While I was ill, and following surgery, I was on a diet of soft food. This presented its challenges at times, not least the preparation. The availability of such a product on the market is a great idea, and one which I would have utilised had it been available at the time.' Mark, Husband & Father, Wellington


 'After my girls (aged 21 and 19) had their wisdom teeth out, eating your food was the perfect meal. They really enjoyed the flavour of the food, found it very easy to swallow, and it was nutritious. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to others in similar circumstances.' Debbie, Auckland


'Last month I had my tonsils out and as a 20 year-old, the procedure wasn’t easy. I was unable to eat solid food for a good two weeks and was fortunate enough to have my fridge stocked with Pure Food Co meals. I must say, I have never known pureed food to taste so good! It worked a treat after the op and branched out my meal options from plain mashed potato and gravy. I would recommend mixing the chicken or beef with one of the vege options to get the full flavour of a conventional meal. Overall I was highly impressed and would recommend it to anyone who is having a similar procedure.' Katie, Student, Auckland