Delicious and nourishing food for those who have had Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery (often known as weight loss surgery) is becoming increasingly more common as the population increases in weight. Government funding for bariatric surgery has increased significantly over the past 10 years with some DHB’s now offering up to 200 bariatric surgeries a year.

After surgery individuals work with a dietitian and are encouraged to minimise the impact to their stomach by altering the texture of their diet, allowing time for it to rest and heal. The surgery significantly restricts to the physical capacity individuals consume and most dietitians will recommend starting with a liquid diet, following by a period on a pureed diet and finally a soft diet.

For those who have had bariatric surgery the most important food group is protein and achieving an appropriate consistency without compromising the amount of protein is often very difficult. Access to ready-made, high protein pureed food has historically been very limited prior to the introduction of The Pure Food Co meals.

Tips for success after bariatric surgery:
  • Follow the dietary plan provided by the dietitian 
  • Allow the stomach to heal by consuming foods of the appropriate consistency
  • Consume 60-90g protein every day 

It is advised that bariatric people work closely with their dietitian to ensure they meet their nutritional needs to optimise the healing process and long term outcomes after surgery.

The Pure Food Co have a wide selection of foods appropriate for those recovering from bariatric surgery.

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