1 in 4 older people are not getting the nutrition they need.

That’s why we take nature’s best and make it that little bit better, with extra protein, extra energy & extra fibre.

If you, or someone you care for, has trouble eating regular food or needs a nutrition boost, try our purees, soups and smoothies that are full of flavour, and packed with extra nutrition.

Food for Healthcare Organisations

A delicious range of fortified foods to boost resident nutrition and improve overall eating experience.

Food at Home

Finally, a life changing alternative for people who want delicious food but need extra nutrition.

About The Pure Food Co

“My world changed forever when I watched a family member’s illness make it impossible for him to eat. The emotional impact set off a journey to uncover how other people with such challenges cope.

Our research revealed that too many people were also struggling to enjoy food and, therefore, struggling to get the nutrition they need. In fact, almost a quarter of older people are malnourished, meaning they are more frail, less independent and too often unhappy.

Our mission is to reclaim the true value of food by creating delicious food that will help people thrive when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Sam Bridgewater, Co-Founder.

We are proud to call many leading care facilities and catering companies our customers

Our Customers
Our Customers