Nutrition for older people

Delicious, 100% natural soft food, fortified with extra plant-based nutrition, that’s a triumph of taste, texture and convenience within your home or aged care facility.

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Who is Pure Food for?

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Vulnerable people like Bob

Bob is 79 years old and lives at home on his own.  He has difficulty swallowing and as a result has been eating less as it is getting more difficult for him.  This has meant he is now losing weight, fatigues easily and his family are concerned.

After weight-loss surgery 

Judy is 46 years old and has recently had bariatric surgery – gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss.  To aid her recovery post the operation she needs high protein pureed food that is a safe texture and tastes great.


Healthy people like Phil

Phil and his wife Nancy are both active, enjoying shared time with friends & family.  They need food with extra nutrition to ensure they can both live life to its fullest.  They love the convenience of soups and smoothies made from our fortified purees. 

Scientific Proof

We have done our research. Good nutrition dramatically improves quality of life.  Based on clinical assessment data we have seen that our nutrient-packed purees, with extra protein, energy & fibre, are associated with positive health & well-being outcomes.  Even small amounts of our purees help people get the nutrition they need to live their best lives.

Among elderly people, those who use our purees have noticed:

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Increase in energy
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Decrease in hospital stays
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Decrease in elderly falls

Puree Products for Home

We have plenty of options to fit your needs

Delicious, fortified purees

Our fortified purees are made from high quality ingredients, sourced locally where possible, and combined with extra pea and rice protein, energy and fibre to ensure every mouthful is extra nutritious. Guaranteed IDDSI compliant and safe every time, they are perfect for people with dysphagia and other eating difficulties, as well as those recovering from surgery, suffering from disabilities or used as a base for delicious and convenient soups and smoothies to deliver extra energy and protein for everyone.

“I felt relieved that I found a product that was the right consistency and tasted fantastic. It is easy to use and store in my fridge for a quick snack or meal”

A triumph of innovation and taste

Our puree products have been developed with leading chefs to deliver great tasting homestyle flavours for everyone.  From the classic Chicken Veloute to a decadent Chocolate Brownie & everything in between, we have something for all taste preferences.  Our products have been recognised as leading the way in innovation and flavour, winning the 2019 NZ Food Awards Supreme Award

“They taste so yum! SO MUCH better then the boiled veges I was blending up, I love the mocha smoothie! I feel like I am having a naughty treat, but its healthy!”

Safety comes first

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework standardises texture modified foods and thickened fluids for people with dysphagia, or eating and swallowing difficulties. Using unique production technology our Pure Food products are guaranteed to meet the IDDSI framework requirements, so you, or those you care for, are receiving the correct, safe texture every time.


Our products are Dietitian and Speech Language Therapist approved and allergen friendly as we produce in a wheat, nut and soy free factory.

Delivery for home - to your door

We deliver your products for home direct to your door from our factory in Auckland.  We dispatch our products on Mondays and Wednesday in chilled containers.  Please note that we don’t deliver to rural addresses so please check before placing your order.

Customer Stories

Our purees are created by people, for people.

“Pure Food delivers quality, service, results and are innovative and purely brilliant. I believe that The Pure Food Co has pioneered an era of innovative

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“Pure Food…It’s convenient, easy to work with, hassle free. If I wasn’t there – a kitchen hand could do it. You just heat it up

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“Michael has gone from eating hardly anything at all to eating a whole 100g tub per meal (eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and then desserts). We

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Customer Testimonials

“One of our more difficult residents (a fussy eater) who is on a texture modified diet stood up at the residents meeting and thanked the kitchen for the new puree food. She said she had been surviving on custard for a while, and so is very grateful. She loves the braised cabbage in particular. – Chef, Cantabria Lifecare

“I just love how they have approached their business. You can really tell it comes from a place of authenticity and connecting with the idea. Particularly when you hear Sam’s story and how the idea came about. Adds an emotional connection to the product and brand. The fact that the reps are qualified dietitians is also fantastic – reinforces that credibility.” – Nurse manager

“Chicken Veloute smells good, really tempting, getting lots of positive comments from residents and staff” – Ryman Jean Sandel

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