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Delicious, 100% natural, pre-prepared, fortified soft food that’s a triumph of taste, texture, cost and convenience within your home.

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Wanting nutritious and delicious products to support your residents? Our products offer convenient, versatile, budget-friendly options that provide peace of mind for all aged care and healthcare organisations and the people they care for.

Customer Testimonials

Happier, Healthier Residents

We have done our research. Good nutrition dramatically improves quality of life.  Based on InterRAI clinical assessment data we know that our nutrient-packed purees are associated with positive clinical outcomes and a dramatic increase in positive wellbeing of residents.  The data shows that residents eating Pure Foods are 64% more likely to rate themselves in good or excellent health (September 2019 aggregated InterRAI clinical assessment data) than prior to eating Pure Foods.  Even small amounts of our purees will help people get the nutrition they need to live their best lives. 

Elderly people who have used our purees have noticed:

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Increase in energy
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Decrease in hospitalisation
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Decrease in elderly falls

Safety comes first

Our Pure Foods are pureed using unique technology to ensure our food is the exact right texture every time in line with the IDDSI standards and Dietitian

and Speech Language Therapist approved.  Our products are currently supplied to all major hospitals and Aged Care networks in New Zealand.  Our products also achieve the highest level for food safety certification, RMP Certified.  For more information on this please contact us.


The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework standardises texture modified foods and thickened fluids for people with dysphagia, or eating and swallowing difficulties. Pure Foods products have been designed to be suitable for the IDDSI framework so you, or those you care for, are receiving the correct, safe texture every time.

Multi Award Winning Products

IDDSI Compliant and Food Safe

Recommended by Clinical Experts

Allergy Conscious

Our Home Products

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Delicious, fortified purees

Our fortified purees are made from high quality ingredients, sourced locally where possible, and combined with extra pea and rice protein, energy and fibre to ensure every mouthful is extra nutritious. Guaranteed IDDSI compliant and safe every time, they are perfect for people with dysphagia and other eating difficulties, as well as those recovering from surgery, suffering from disabilities or used as a base for delicious and convenient soups and smoothies to deliver extra energy and protein for everyone.

“I felt relieved that I found a product that was the right consistency and tasted fantastic. It is easy to use and store in my fridge for a quick snack or meal”

Mix & match to create meals

We produce a range of proteins, vegetables, carbs and dessert options available in convenient 100g tubs.  The idea is that you can have 3 pottles for one meal (one from each food group) and finish it off with a tasty nutritious dessert. 

“We have been feeding our son (aged 6), who suffered a stroke, Pure Food for several years now and it has been literally life saving for getting the right foods into him.”

Popular Recipes

Many of our Healthcare and Aged Care customers use our purees as bases for nutrition packed soups and smoothies for all residents. Here are some of our most popular recipes to inspire you.

Delicious tasting & peace of mind for kitchen managers

Our customers love that our products not only are boosted with pea and rice protein, energy and fibre to ensure every mouthful is extra nutritious, but they also love that our products are also very easy to make in the kitchen.  By simply placing our puree on a plate and heating they see significant time saving and minimise waste… and residents love the taste!

The guaranteed safety eliminates any concerns the kitchen staff have for those with swallowing difficulties and using our purees moulded into shapes increases resident appetite appeal, encouraging them to eat more and therefore get more goodness in their day. 

“Pure Foods gives us peace of mind.  We know that with Pure food we have a guaranteed safe texture from even our most junior kitchen staff!”

Free online training

As we believe in inspiring positive change within the Aged Care and Healthcare industry we have worked with experts to develop a range of online training modules to support those caring for the elderly.  These modules cover topics such as nutrition, immunity, hydration, plate presentation and understanding IDDSI.  We have introductory courses open to everyone, and advanced courses for those wanting more technical understanding. 

Minced & Moist products

As well as our core Puree products (IDDSI level 4) we also produce Minced & Moist products (IDDSI level 5).   These delicious recipes have been developed for residents and patients living with dysphagia, requiring a minced & moist diet.  You can select your own food flavours & create your own menu or use one of our developed menu plans.  Get in touch with us to set up a free consultation with our experienced team. 

Customer Stories

Our purees are created by people, for people.

“Pure Food delivers quality, service, results and are innovative and purely brilliant. I believe that The Pure Food Co has pioneered an era of innovative

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“Pure Food…It’s convenient, easy to work with, hassle free. If I wasn’t there – a kitchen hand could do it. You just heat it up

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“Michael has gone from eating hardly anything at all to eating a whole 100g tub per meal (eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and then desserts). We

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