The full spectrum of nutritional support.

Happier, healthier residents, and improved business outcomes

Wrap-around support and food innovation for happier residents and improved outcomes

Wrap-around support

Streamline your kitchen, upskill your team, minimise waste and de-risk your operations with expert advice, support and training.

We’ll even design your menu. 

Scale and consistency

Pre-packed frozen portions can be delivered at scale, enabling kitchen teams to easily deliver a consistently high-quality dining experience no matter how complex the diet board.

Backed by data insights

The Pure Food Co system is tried and tested to show impact on your efficiency, cost, wastage, resident health and satisfaction. 



How we are closing the protein gap

“We want ageing nutrition to be part of the mainstream health and wellness conversation because we know that empowering people with awareness and knowledge is the best way to drive change and bridge the protein gap affecting today’s seniors”

Co-Founder Sam Bridgewater. 

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