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We’re solving the protein gap with the world’s most innovative food system tailored to the nutritional needs of Seniors.

The Generation #Wellness Forgot

New research reveals the representation gap in the health and wellness conversation

Although 86% of people place importance in our health and wellness, only 40% have considered what this looks like in later life, and only 1 in 3 people are confident they understand their senior loved ones’ nutrition needs

These nutrition needs may shock,  Seniors daily protein requirements are higher than elite athletes. However, most people ranked over Seniors as having the lowest protein needs.

These misconceptions are fuelling a protein gap for today’s seniors, shockingly, 50% of seniors in the community and aged care are classed as malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.

The Pure Food Co wants to encourage conversations around senior nutrition to correct the existing misconceptions, aid health outcomes for seniors, and to ensure that people are living happier and healthier (not just longer) lives. 

“We want ageing nutrition to be part of the mainstream health and wellness conversation because we know that empowering people with awareness and knowledge is the best way to drive change and bridge the protein gap affecting today’s seniors” says The Pure Food Co Co-Founder Sam Bridgewater.

“We hope this increased consideration encourages those with a significant senior in their lives to ask the right questions of their loved ones’ care provider or make changes to support a more nutritious diet if living independently. 

“Furthermore, our research found that only 17% of people have a proactive plan in place to support their own long term health. Switching the narrative so people adopt a forward thinking approach to wellness as they age is a vital step in building a healthy and happy future.”

About The Pure Food Co

The Pure Food Co is solving the protein gap as a provider of the world’s leading solutions for nutrition and eating within aged care and healthcare. 

The company was founded by New Zealanders Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal following a family illness and is on a mission to nourish the world’s Seniors. 

The Pure Food Co has developed protein and nutrient enriched foods and meals and becoming the quality standard in aged care homes and hospital wards, winning many awards for food innovation and food health & safety. 

Following significant growth and recognition within the NZ market The Pure Food Co has now launched in Australia, partnering with several large aged care groups. 

Our Awards and Achievements

Our products are made with the finest local ingredients, developed with qualified chefs to ensure only the best flavours are being made for people to enjoy, and are enriched with plant-based nutrients. 

The success of taste and innovation to achieve our unique products has been recognised by many and as a result, we’ve won multiple awards for our pureed foods from leading culinary institutes and other organisations in New Zealand.

Our product solutions include enriched texture-modified food ranges, award winning Shapes meal systems, protein and nutrient enriched smoothies, soups, desserts, mash ranges and turnkey service systems for meal planning, diet monitoring and food safety.

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