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We are an award-winning provider of Level 4 Pureed and Level 5 Minced & Moist texture modified food for Aged Care and Healthcare providers.  Together with experienced chefs we create a range of delicious flavours, fortified with extra plant-based protein, energy and fibre to support health, well-being and improved clinical outcomes for those in care.  Our products are delicious, look great and are in line with the IDDSI framework, guaranteed to be a safe and consistent texture.  But don’t take our word for it… here are some of our case studies and testimonials.

Success and Satisfaction

Happier, Healthier Residents

We have done our research. Good nutrition dramatically improves quality of life.  Based on InterRAI clinical assessment data we know that our nutrient-packed purees are associated with positive clinical outcomes and a dramatic increase in positive wellbeing of residents.  The data shows that residents eating Pure Foods are 64% more likely to rate themselves in good or excellent health (September 2019 aggregated InterRAI clinical assessment data) than prior to eating Pure Foods.  Even small amounts of our purees will help people get the nutrition they need to live their best lives. 

Elderly people who have used our purees have noticed:

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Increase in energy
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Decrease in hospitalisation
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Decrease in elderly falls

Recipe Spotlight

We source high quality, all natural ingredients for our Chefs to create recipes full of delicious flavours, aroma and colour.  We then use science to add extra energy, protein, and fibre to make sure there is more nutrition in every mouthful.  We use special technology to blend the food ensuring a consistent texture every time,  guaranteed safe to eat for those with swallowing difficulties and super delicious to enjoy!

7 Rules for Great Dining Experiences

Full hearts...

Mealtimes can be stressful and isolating for people with swallowing difficulties. They may feel anxious about choking, or frustrated by how long it takes to get food down, and by their inability to be part of the conversations happening around them.  Dr Anna Miles, a lecturer and clinician specialising in swallowing disorders provides her thoughts on how to enhance the dining experience for even the most vulnerable diners. 

Learn about Plate Presentation

Here at The Pure Food Co we have developed a series of FREE online training modules designed to help you provide the best possible care for your residents.  Our Plate Presentation training course features ideas for presenting food to deliver a great dining experience.

FREE Resources and Guides

Our in-house specialists and external consultants take time to review the latest science, research and best-practices to bring you any insights and tools in an easy to access format. Here are some of the FREE guides, reports and resources we have available for those working in the Aged Care industry.

A Dining Experience Case Study

Life narrows dramatically for dementia patients as impairments to memory and judgement impact daily functioning. One of the highlights in their day is eating, and staff at Seadrome Home & Hospital endeavour to make mealtimes a happy occasion, drawing on memories of sitting down with family and friends.

Our products are:

Sam Bridgewater (left) and Maia Royal (right) Co-Founders of The Pure Food Co