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The Pure Food Co was founded to solve a real problem

New Zealanders Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal founded the company in 2013 after Sam’s beloved stepdad got sick. The options available meant he just didn’t want to eat. His energy drained away, and recovery slowed.

The protein deficit

It’s a story repeated every day across health and aged care facilities – older people require almost twice as much protein as elite athletes, and most are getting as little as 60% of what they need. The result is lower weight and muscle mass, more illness, falls and hospitalisations and much less freedom to enjoy life.

The power of Pure Foods

Sam and Maia connected with the world’s best chefs, aged-care facilities, dieticians, speech therapists and – most importantly – the people who would eat the food. They built their turn-key food system around food people enjoy, with support for facilities to simplify mealtimes, compliance and resident satisfaction.

The Pure Food Co proudly services New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.


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