Daughter organizes Pure Food for her elderly father

“The whole family is happy”

At 92, Barry Stewart still lives in his own home and manages a two-hectare lifestyle block in Franklin. He only recently sold his cows, which he had been feeding daily himself. Arthritis and a heart condition have slowed him down, so he rides a motorbike to collect the mail.

“He’s always been really healthy and a good eater,” says his daughter Clare. “Our mum died when we were little, so he brought us all up and he had to be organised and very good in the house, very clean and tidy.”

Five years ago, Barry suffered a bout of pneumonia that nearly killed him. Hospital staff realised that scar tissue from years of reflux was preventing his epiglottis from closing, so food was getting into his windpipe and lungs. They recommended he try The Pure Food Co’s texture-modified foods.

The Pure Food Co products contain extra energy, protein and fibre to make sure there is more nutrition in every mouthful. The food is blended and passed through a fine mesh to ensure a consistent texture that is guaranteed safe for those with swallowing difficulties.

For a man who was used to cooking for himself and loved crisp fruit and vegetables, it was a bit of an adjustment, but Barry found a way to personalise his meals.

“He adds sauces and mayonnaise to his mains and makes his own gravy,” says Clare.

Since switching to The Pure Food Co meals, Barry has stayed out of hospital and his children have enjoyed peace of mind.

“The whole family is happy,” says Clare. “We know he’s getting the right nutrition because he hasn’t had a cold or flu in the past five years. And we’re happy that it’s easy for Dad – he can just pop a meal in the microwave.”

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