How it works

Our meals help people to eat for health, whether they need specialist nutrition or simply want to maintain good health and wellbeing.  We source high quality ingredients to use in our delicious homestyle recipes,  then we use science to add extra energy, natural plant-based protein, and fibre to make sure there is more nutrition in every mouthful.  

We use special technology to blend the food and reduce particle size to pass through a fine mesh to ensure a consistent texture every time,  guaranteed safe to eat for those with swallowing difficulties.  

Why fortified purees?

We serve over 1.5 million meals a year and we understand how challenging it can be to get the right nutrition and right texture for those that require pureed food, particularly the elderly.  

As we age our bodies process protein less efficiently and need more of it to maintain muscle mass and strength, bone health and other essential physiological functions.  Even healthy seniors need more protein than when they were younger to help preserve muscle mass.  We add extra protein, fibre and energy to all our products to support healthy ageing.  For example our Creamy Broccoli has 2.6 times more protein than regular cooked broccoli and 5 times the amount of energy!

We boost our range with with pea and rice proteins, which are super high in protein and contain all nine of the essential amino acids.  Top benefits of pea protein:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easily digested
  • As protein rich as whey
  • Lactose free
  • High in branch chain amino acids BCAA
  • Enhances protein without compromising taste or texture

Consistent Safe Texture

Our Pure Foods are pureed using unique technology that ensures our food is the exact right texture every time. IDDSI compliant and Speech Language Therapist approved, our foods are safe for people with dysphagia and other eating difficulties.

Our Passionate Experts

Our team of in-house dietitians, consultant speech language therapist and registered nutritionist work alongside our chefs to ensure that our delicious meals also meet the nutritional standards for protein, energy and fibre recommended by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

Our in-house dietitians regularly contribute to New Zealand and Australian Dietitian Groups and lead the Special Interest in Nutrition and Gerontology Group.