Supporting Australia’s Aged Care industry

Supporting Australia’s Aged Care industry

26 March, 2020

Committed to supporting the Aged Care industry at this challenging time

In these unprecedented times, maintaining a supply of safe and healthy food for the elderly and vulnerable is more important than ever.

To support the Australian healthcare sector, The Pure Food Co has increased production and inventory levels, ensuring customers can continue to provide delicious, nutritious and safe modified texture meals for their residents. 

“Using our products, aged care kitchens can continue to meet the nutritional and safe texture requirements of their most vulnerable residents, and do this with a high degree of simplicity in the way products can be heated and served.  Even the least experienced kitchen team members can serve our meals with confidence. All products are fortified with extra protein, fibre and energy, some of the essential nutrients needed to support the immune system.” says Chris Deed, Australian Country Manager for The Pure Food Co.

The Pure Food Co produces high quality food products, using the most stringent food safety standards.  Products are pasteurised, machine filled and sealed to eliminate the risk of contamination in the manufacturing process.  “We have strong plans in place to manage the risks associated with COVID-19 that include increased hygiene control, supply chain contingency plans and business continuity planning,” says Deed.

People who rely on our tasty and nutritious texture-modified foods – and their families – can be assured that our level of service and the quality of our product will not change in the coming months.

The Pure Food Co was founded by Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal in 2013, based on the principle that ‘quality of life begins with quality of food’.

If you want more information on our products, Chris Deed, AU Country Manager can be contacted on +61 417 182 320   or email:

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