Delicious and Nourishing Food for People with Parkinson's

In the later stages of Parkinson's many people don't enjoy the pleasures of eating due to difficulties with eating and swallowing.

People with Parkinson’s can have difficulty with swallowing, chewing, speaking and pushing food through the digestive system. This is because these functions depend on muscles that may be weakened. This can increase the chances of malnutrition, pneumonia and dehydration.

The Pure Food Co provides nutritionally enhanced food, that is easy to consume and tastes great. The meals come in a range of colours and flavours and are created using high quality ingredients such as New Zealand beef and lamb. The Pure Food Co’s soft food meals not only look and taste great, they are also high in protein and energy to ensure delivery of all-important nutrients. 

If you are experiencing any of the swallowing difficulties or are concerned about someone you are caring for, we advise you to seek medical advice from your health professional.

Parkinson's New Zealand have provided the additional information below, and more resources can be found on their website, Parkinson's New Zealand.

FACT SHEET - Parkinson’s and Swallowing (with food guidance)

FACT SHEET - Parkinson's and Swallowing (with speech therapy)

We would like to thank Parkinson's New Zealand for their input and advice.