Pure Food for home

Great news… this is where you can purchase our products for home – check our range below.

Our fortified purees are all made from high quality, natural ingredients. We use local produce wherever possible and combine it with plant-based nutrition, backed by science.  Our purees are produced in a wheat, nut and soy free facility using only the best and safest processing tools and techniques to turn the ingredients into highly nutritious purees for healthy meals, or as bases for delicious soups & smoothies.

Easter Deliveries – please plan your order in advance. Orders will be dispatched on Monday March 29th, Tuesday March 30th and Wednesday April 7th. 

From April 13th onward, orders will dispatch every Tuesday. Cut off for this will be Monday each week.

Pure Foods for Healthcare Organisations

Wanting nutritious, convenient and delicious products to support your residents? Pure Food offers taste-friendly and budget-friendly options for aged care and healthcare organisations.

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To enjoy our purees simply choose your favourite meat option, add a serve of vegetable and a carbohydrate to create a full, balanced meal. Our delicious desserts are a great way to finish off a meal, or have as a sweet protein snack!

Please note our purees for home are only available for New Zealand delivery.

How to prepare and store your food

It’s convenient and super easy to prepare and store your purees at home.  Our Pure Food puree requires no cooking or blending, simply heat & eat.
You can heat the puree either in a microwave or a pot on the stove.  If using a microwave, simply take the refrigerated pottle, open the lid halfway, then heat in microwave for 30sec, stir then heat for a further 20sec or until nice and hot.  If preferred, you can heat on the stove – simply empty the contents of your puree pottle into a pot and heat on a medium to high temperature, stirring regularly, until nice &  hot.

For storage you can keep the product frozen for up to one year, or if storing in the fridge use within 4 weeks (the products have a 30 day refrigerated shelf life). Once opened, consume within 3 days.

You can also try our purees as bases for delicious & healthy soups or smoothies.