Case Study: Dementia Residents at Seadrome Home & Hospital

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Life narrows dramatically for dementia patients as impairments to memory and judgement impact daily functioning. Many hobbies and interests will be cast aside, some friends will be lost. One of the few things that remains constant is eating.

That’s why it is so important for dementia patients to derive enjoyment from their meals, and why The Pure Food Co’s texture-modified products have been so beneficial for the residents of Seadrome Home and Hospital. Each product is boosted with extra protein, fibre and energy to support health and wellbeing.

“We were Pure Food’s first customer,” says facility manager Tina Chivers. “We’ve had really quite exciting results. People who were losing weight have gained weight and it’s been helpful with pressure injuries.”

Dementia patients can have swallowing difficulties and often experience a loss of appetite. They need nutrient-rich food that is safe and appealing. At Seadrome, staff endeavour to make mealtimes a happy occasion, drawing on residents’ memories of sitting down to celebrate with family and friends. White tablecloths and blue dishes are used to make the food stand out, and The Pure Food Co flavour combinations encourage people to eat everything on their plate.

“Prior to Pure Food, we had a chef who did our texture-modified food and often people wouldn’t eat it, so this is significantly different. Some people comment on the great flavour but often you know it’s good simply because they have eaten it all,” says Tina.

“Pure Food is an innovative company always looking to incorporate food from different cultures into their flavours. They are ever-evolving and that’s excellent.”

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