Roasted Goodness

How to make a satisfying Sunday roast from nutritionally fortified purees.

For many people, the Sunday roast is a lifelong love. The Pure Food Co’s take on this beloved classic is safe for those on a texture-modified diet while retaining all of a roast’s flavour and goodness.

And it’s simple to put together, in either puree texture or minced and moist texture. Serve 100 grams of Roast Lamb Puree alongside 100 grams of Minted Peas Puree and 100 grams of Roast Pumpkin Puree and you have a complete, balanced meal that tastes just as good as the original.

A delicious plate of Minted Peas, Roast Lamb and Roast Pumpkin, now everyone can enjoy a Sunday Roast- Dani Food technologist at The Pure Food Co

When creating each new product, The Pure Food Co’s consulting chef Anton Leyland, who has worked at some of Australia and New Zealand’s top restaurants, carefully considers how the flavours will work together and what the finished product will look like on the plate.

“You are challenged when you are creating texture modified product recipes,” he says. “Flavour is number one but alongside that is aesthetic appeal. It’s got to be vibrant and it’s got to be colourful. Meat dishes in their beige colours can be challenging sometimes. We try to get them as close as possible to what the whole foods look like.”

“The first layer of flavour and colour come from caramelisation of the meat,” says Anton. “I often add tomato puree for colour and carrots to help brighten it. Citrus pulp adds texture while onion is a great carrier of flavour.”

The Roast Lamb Puree also contains rosemary, mint, garlic and black pepper; the Roast Pumpkin Puree features seasonal pumpkin flavoured with a hint of cinnamon.

While Anton was brought on board to get the flavour of The Pure Food Co’s purees right, he had to make sure the food was also nutrient-dense. Each product is boosted with extra protein, fibre and energy from plant sources to support health and wellbeing. He works alongside dietitians to create beautifully balanced meals.

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