A Sweet Surprise

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too even if you are on a modified soft food diet.

Dessert is one of life’s little rewards and thanks to The Pure Food Co’s innovation, it is not one that people with eating difficulties need to give up.

As consulting chef Anton Leyland says, “The elderly and those with eating difficulties have just as much right to great-tasting food as anyone else.”

The Pure Food Co offers a range of protein-rich desserts: Lemon Delight Puree, Chocolate Brownie Puree, Plum Pannacotta, Tiramisu, Berry Crumble and Butterscotch Cake Puree. These are delicious warmed and eaten on their own or served alongside custard and pureed fruit.

They are also the key ingredients for a number of creative gourmet smoothies, from the spicy Gingerbread Smoothie (especially appropriate at Christmas time) to the decadent Peanut Butter Slab Smoothie. Smoothies are a menu staple in Aged Care as they provide a delicious opportunity to deliver extra nutrition and hydration to all residents.

Blend together the decadent fudgy classic Chocolate Brownie Puree with milk and instant coffee and you have a bittersweet Mocha Smoothie. Alternatively, add milk, chocolate ice cream and mint extract to the puree to create a Mint Choc Chip Smoothie.

“They are more complex flavours than you might expect from pureed food,” says Anton.

For example, the Black Forest Smoothie is a tastebud-tingling mix of Chocolate Brownie Puree, Berry Crumble Puree, chocolate ice cream and milk, while the Peanut Butter Slab Smoothie begins with the same rich Chocolate Brownie Puree but with the addition of milk, honey, peanut butter and cream instead.

Butterscotch Cake Puree, a delicious blend of sweet butterscotch and a hint of coconut is the base for two popular smoothies. Mix it with milk, golden syrup, vanilla extract, instant coffee and cinnamon for a delicious Caramel Latte smoothie. Or blend it together with milk, banana and maple syrup to make a Banana Maple Smoothie.

One of the great joys of The Pure Food Co’s smoothies is that they can be readily shared with grandchildren and other visitors, making socialising and snack times just that little bit sweeter.

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