Continuous Improvement in Aged-Care Facilities

Using Evidenced-Based Research to Improve the Experience of your Residents.

For residential and aged care facilities, an important part of providing the best possible care is to nurture a culture of continuous improvement. Not only is this important to ensure the best possible care for patients and residents but it also is a way to demonstrate to the auditors from the Ministry of Health who may issue a Continuous Improvement (CI) Award to high performing facilities.

However, successfully implementing continuous improvement strategies can be a challenge in the busy world of aged-care facilities, no matter how good the intentions are. 

A key reason why initiatives fail to deliver results is the lack of a robust process for planning, testing effectiveness and execution. Most people who work in residential care facilities are highly knowledgeable in their respective field, but few have formal project or change management training. However, for interventions to be successful, the team needs the right tools and process to plan, implement and optimise the project while keeping everyone informed.

In order to help aged-care facilities to successfully implement Continuous Improvement projects, The Pure Food Co have teamed up with industry and project management experts to develop a highly practical Continuous Improvement Guide, packed with insights and practical templates. 

The guide provides the knowledge and process you need to run continuous improvement projects in your organisation, including: 

  • An introduction to continuous improvement (CI)
  • An overview of the value and importance of evidence-based research
  • An introduction to the PlanDoStudyAct Framework
  • Step by step explanations and templates to develop a comprehensive plan for your next CI project 
  • Instructions and checklists to test interventions, study the results and then act upon them 
  • Numerous tips for selecting CI projects and interventions, collecting data and making sure your project is a success. 

With all this and more, this guide will give those who work in residential care facilities the insights, process and tools they need to successfully implement continuous improvement initiatives in their facilities.

Contact the Pure Food Co on for more information or a copy of their guide.