Smoothie Competition Judging Day with Aged Care Residents

During these hot summer months, we ran a smoothie competition where aged care chefs and kitchen staff were invited to enter in their best smoothie creation so they could be in the running to win a grand prize worth $800!

However, it wasn’t any ordinary recipe that we were after, there was a catch. Each entry had to incorporate one of our fortified foods as the smoothie base to make sure each entry was packed with extra nutrition for our residents! Participants entering were allowed to add up to 6 additional ingredients to the recipe so they could put their own culinary spin on it.

We received many mouthwatering entries from across the country, so it was a tough job narrowing it down to three finalists.

Smoothie Judging Day at Patrick Ferry House

The 3 finalist smoothie recipes were then taken to the most important judges of all – the residents! We bought along our special Pure Foods smoothie cart, morning tea for all, and our Pure Foodie grin.

Each resident had the pleasure of tasting the following three recipes:

After the smoothie tasting, the residents were each handed a flower by our Pure Foodies. We had three flower vases, each vase represented one of the three smoothie recipes. They were then asked to vote for their favourite smoothie recipe by placing the flower into the vase of their choice.

The flower votes were counted, and the grand winner was revealed…*drum roll*…Congratulations to Nikolai Balanski from Ryman Healthcare, Princess Alexandra, who created the scrumptious Peanut Butter Slab Smoothie. Congratulations on your great achievement Nickolai, your delicious and nutritious chocloately peanut collab was a true crowd pleaser, plus it provides 12.6g of protein per serving! Nickolai used our delicious Chocolate Brownie dessert as the fortified smoothie base.